Friday, June 19, 2009

Prices on golf equipment, I have a question: How Low Can You Go???

I know that I posted this entry on my other blog, but I liked it so damn much that I had to post it here, and since the ecomony is bottoming out and it's such a big issue, take solace in the face that it seems that prices on everything seem to be goin down down down. I recently found some golf equipment worthy of my saliva that I purchased on the spot! a full set of golf clubs... Callaway X-20 eye-rons to be exact! 3 thru pitching wedge, this set has custom weighting as well as unique shaft stiffness that's customized for a golfer who's my size, considering my swing style and clubhead speed... and boy o boy, they are amazingly accurate: Seriously, I don't think I could throw a dart at a photo of George Bush as straight as I can hit a golf ball with these irons... it's amazing. I get a full-on Kool-Aid Man smile on my face every time I hear that lovely "THWACK!" as the iron grabs a touch of grass right beneath that ball and blasts it down the fairway like one of those robot club tester things that you used to see on early-morning infomercials... but when that ball takes off into the sunset, eclipsing the flag as it sails almost magnetically towards the green, it makes a grown man want to cry, especially with all that backspin... enough to make even the most equilibrious (yes, I made this word up) figure skater have her lunch return on her from pure dizziness.

here's the upside (and the point of this silly blog-o-rama): there is an upside to this downer economy... things are getting cheaper, & it isn't just the necessities... it's the fun stuff too...

like golf junk for golfin' junkies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ideas for golf equipment...

If you go to a major, golf-specific retailer, you'd be amazed with the amount of stuff in the golf equipment section. They make all kinds of tricked-out items, some of which are gimmicks, but mostly good stuff. I'm thinking that now that summer is here, sunblock should be kept in your bag. It's also a good idea to shop around for golf hats and find one that fits you comfortably, provides good ventilation to keep cool (you gotta stay hydrated on the course and make sure you stay cool! everyone knows you lose and gain heat mostly from your head) ... but most importantly, it should shade your face, not only to ensure a consistent view when putting, but also to avoid a sunburn completely and allow you to track your ball easier after a long, hanging tee shot.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Golf Equipment Gimmick Spotter, at your service!

I sometimes fancy myself as a bit of a "gimmick spotter" ... when I see some crazy gimmick on television, I love going on and on to my disinterested wife about why it's a gimmick, followed by a joke about the kind of blockheads that would buy such things. But one area that is particularly susceptible to gimmicks is the sport of golf. Because playing golf well and consistently is so rarely achieved despite hours of practice, not to mention the higher-average-income among those who enjoy the sport, there are tons of gimmicks out there that are "guaranteed" to "shave strokes" or "end three-putts forever." But I myself can spot a gimmick from miles away. Yes, it may be true... a lot of golf equipment is rather gimmicky, but a lot of it is innovation, pure and true. Especially the new items produced by the top brands in golf. For example, the new Taylormade drivers will add 10-20 yards to practically anyone's drive without changing swing style... but the kind folks down at Taylormade have a million dollar R&D department with all the fanciest equipment to determine how to maximize clubhead speed across the board, no matter what your swing speed is. They also know how to place alignment weights to straighten your drives, and for better golfers, even offer better control over draws and fades to put yourself in better position for your approach on dogleg holes. That's why I trust the name brands... the good brands that don't have to advertise themselves on late-night television with some cranked-up, over-the-top salesman like Billy Mays. Entertaining? yes. Worth the credit card debt? Absolutely not.

Listen to me, I really know what I'm talking about!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Please Keep my Aunt in your Thoughts

I'd like to take this time to express my deepest sadness for my Aunt Melody... she works at an exhibit company called Expo3 and basically keeps the place running and the exhibit builders don't know what to do without her
... she recently learned that she has a tumor on her lung and we're not sure what it is yet or what will happen from here... Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers :-/

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabrication exhibits on the tellie

I recently saw a thing on the tellie about thisexhibit company based in the states that builds fabrication exhibits. These blokes were going on and on about this exhibit that they did for the aircraft outfit Cessna. At first I couldn't say I was too interested... I was at my flat getting ready to go out with my mates so I was hardly paying attention but when they showed the exhibit I was locked to the couch. This little exhibit company built a life-size mockup of one of Cessna's aeroplanes for the show. It was truly amazing.

Still though, I need to lay off the BBC.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Whaddaya know about dual factor authentication?

Probably not much, but you probably use authentication systems on a daily basis. A "factor" of dual factor authentication could be, for example, a password to verify your identity when logging into secured networks. When using dual factor authentication rather than a single factor, security is significantly enhanced. Other examples of factors are biometrics, where you are identified by your fingerprint or a scan of your eye, as well as other factors, such as "tokens" which are most commonly USB keys known as "dongles" in the geek slang world.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Custom exhibit builders 2012!

As you probably know, our last election saw a massive spike in voter turnout... and it was an epic, historical election! We elected our first African-American president, and political consciousness among young voters was at an all time high... but next election, we need to keep things exciting and make sure every American voice is heard... so I say we get some custom exhibit builders to spice up those boring voting booths to make sure younger voters stay interested. If we had an exhibit company to design something more flashy, maybe more people would vote?